Watch this brief but dramatic video of a bleacher binding due to a loose axle.

Bleacher Repair

There's an old adage: "If it moves, it breaks!"  This is certainly true of telescoping bleachers.

With intricate design and interdependent parts, a simple bent tier catch can quickly escalate into a non-functioning bleacher.  Early detection and correction is key to keeping the cost of ownership of your bleachers to a minimum.  The most prudent owners opt for an annual bleacher inspection and certification, which ensures that their bleachers are safe, functional and code compliant.

However, preventative maintenance can't always defend against the impact of over-zealous users.  How many times have we witnessed fans jumping up and down on the bleachers to cheer their teams to victory?  Even when your team has won, your bleacher may very well have become a loser.

Our trained and certified bleacher technicians are expert in quickly diagnosing the cause for binding, stuck or non-tracking bleachers.  We pride ourselves on being "mechanalytical", a term that we coined to describe our expertise in diagnostics.

Contact us today to speak with a technician on the phone or to schedule a site visit to determine why your bleachers are not functioning properly.
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