This bleacher has suffered from spectators using the seats instead of the aisles for descent.

Bleacher Inspections

Our bleacher inspections are the most comprehensive and detailed in the industry. All inspections are completed by manufacturer trained and certified professional technicians, meaning that our inspections satisfy ICC code requirements. All bleacher inspections include a detailed inspection and report of:

  • Understructure
  • Decking
  • Rails
  • Steps
  • Seats
  • Motors
  • Electrical Components
The result of your bleacher inspection is a comprehensive report including photographs of non-functioning parts and details of what is required to restore your bleacher to proper working condition.  Peers in the industry have warned that the level of detail in our inspection reports provide clients with a "shopping list" that they could take to competing repair companies.  We believe that our customers have paid for the detail that we provide and we are confident that our level of service will earn us the opportunity to make any repairs necessary.  Contact us at to receive a sample inspection report, and you be the judge. 

After inspection, your bleachers will also be certified as to their actual condition compared to original manufacturer specifications.  Building codes require this certification on an annual basis to ensure that your bleachers are safe and code compliant.
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